Vulnerable but academically bright adolescent girl beats the odds through self-esteem now supported by GCU.
Adolescent Girl with her friends
Had it not been for Girls Connect Uganda, I would be wasted in child marriage!
- Adolescent Girl

The year 2018, aged 14 years, I received good news, division one in Primary Seven (P7) Leaving Examinations (PLE) results, and shortly admitted to best secondary school. My vulnerable background stems from a multiple disabled mother yet poor. With support of my uncle, who paid partial tuition, I joined secondary school until midterm when I was sent back home for tuition balance. Unable to complete the payment, my uncle told me to stay home and get married. I had lost hope in education and my dream career as Medical Doctor blurred. With self-esteem, courage and determination, I got courage to approach GCU office for support towards continued education. To date, 2021 in Senior three, GCU supports my tuition payment in one of the best private secondary schools where I am academically the best student. With GCU support, my dream career of Medical Doctor, will be possible!